Yet here we are. It’s been a mess from the start with no signs of improving. The only reason I’m entering something right now is because I found a place no one can bother me. It’s going to have to be a quick one today though. I’m swamped.

So if I can ever get this mess of a day over with, I am supposed to go meet some friends in Kokomo on Saturday. Should be a good time, and I’ve never. Been to Kokomo, so yay for new places. That’ll kill most of the day for me. Sunday, the Brickyard race will be happening, which means tons of strangers around the house. That, I really do not like. If I could only put a gun turret on my roof… Although, it sounds like there won’t be a very high attendance, so maybe we won’t have to deal with any asshats. That would be nice.

I really am a grimly person when it comes to people that I don’t know. They better stay off my lawn, too!!