Don’t you just hate the days when you feel like nothing can go smoothly, that things are bogged down by trivial or nonsensical material? Man, I’m having one of those days now. I seem to be having more and more of them as late. I don’t like the feeling.

So we had volleyball last night. We dropped 2 of 3 close sets, which sucks. If it wasn’t for a couple of bad runs that we could not overcome, we would have beat them. Oh well, all’s good. I did okay. My serving wasn’t as good as it normally is, but I was attacking the ball really well. I got a few blocks in as well… That always makes me feel good. Just wasn’t meant to be, I guess. Oh well, we live again next week. My toes that I’m pretty sure I broke were hurting as well. I suppose the logical thing to do is go to the doctor, but nuts to that. If it doesn’t fall off, I’m still good to go.

So I decided to forgo Slaughter. I found some Marvel U figures, and I’m more interested in those, really. And, truth is, I won a variant of the figure this past weekend, so I’ve got -A- figure of him, at least.

So Mo and the boys played out at Eagle Creek last night while I played in the sand. It’s funny… Griffen is much like I am when it comes to strangers…we don’t like them. He hates playing with kids he’s not comfortable with. I don’t blame him really. If we were back in Versailles, I could be a bit lenient on the fact. But here, in the city, I don’t fault him at all. So now its my night with the boys while Mo does her yoga’ing. Should be a fun time. 😀