I tell ya… There is nothing better than the first day off of vacation. NOTHING. The day’s so full of hope, relaxation, relief and good times. I am fully enjoying my day as well.

We’re also getting ready for our big excursion. Tomorrow we head down to Tennessee, our first real road trip with Phoenix. We took Griffen two years ago and he was a champ for us, we’re hoping that Phoenix does the same. Although,I’m having nightmares of baby vomit. We’ll see. Hope for the best for us! We are heading out at 0-stupid thirty tomorrow morning. Probably around 4:30 or so. It would be much worse if we left from Indy though instead of my folks’ house. So, I’ll happily take an hour more of sleep and leave from Versailles.

Man, it’s freaking hot today. I started this post out on our hammock, but was sweating while I was typing. That’s gross. So back into the comforts of a/c for me. And, honestly, there’s a fault in these cell phones. The sun pretty mug washes out the display. While I could see what I was doing while I was typing, it was an irritating strain on the eyes. So here we be.

As time comes close to heading down south, I end the post. I’d like to say I’ll enter something tomorrow, but I have to see how it goes. We’re using my phone as GPS navigation, too, so my phone will be tied up. Besides, anyone who’s been following my posts should be floored I’ve entered this many posts in a row. 😉  Your next picture you will see will either be on the road or in Gatlinburg. Talk to you then!