I told you I dig doing card art. While I did like the Burn Notice card I did yesterday, I truly feel the card art I did yesterday was weak compared to today’s card art.

I totally dig Warehouse 13, both the wifey and I do.I love the characters, and the stories are unique and fun. I’m hoping they continue their run of fun programming, and God bless Hulu for carrying back episodes. Without further delay, please see below:

Now, I really like the way these came out. It does have some flaws, though, I think. One, I still think it’s a bit too wide for a 1/18th scale figure. Just a touch, maybe. I didn’t notice until I attached the image. Still though, I love the look of it, so I kept it. Second, I do love the Farnsworth Communicator having the image of the figure in the package, I do. It looks great, and it fits. The problem is, a person really has to look hard to distinguish who the figure is if s/he’s thumbing through the cards on the racks on the right side. But it looks so good, I had to keep it. Let me show you how the image started out:

The Farnsworth Communicator was found online, I was able to trim out the original screen, and put in Claudia’s face. I ran it through various filters to come out to the black and white tv-looking image that’s on the card now.

Again, I’d appreciate any feedback on this card. I’d LOVE to see action figures of these guys, but I’m afraid it won’t happen. So I get to make them. Thanks for taking the time!