I don’t know why I do that to myself, really. I know its bad for me, my body knows its bad for me, yet I chomp down on fast food like its going out of style. Sad.

And yet, again, I wonder why I’m a fat bastard.

So, I’m back to the swing of things with work again. Man, I’m telling you yesterday sucked. I felt lost. Today, not so bad. I’m still shoulder deep in muck, but I can work it out. Eventually. I meant to work a little last night at home but I got sidetracked. We watched Kick Ass last night. What a fun flick. Pretty true to the comic too, which is awesome. But after that, it was closing in on one in the morning, and with me staying up till 2 the night before, I had to get some rest. My freaking clock either rang and I shut it off or I forgot it, but I didn’t wake up till 7. Gotta say it felt good to get that extra sleep, but sucked as I was rushing around not to be late. Blah.

Man, tonight I want to go to bed at a decent hour.