You know, I usually don’t mind Mondays. They go pretty quick for me because I have to run extra reports and do random things that make the day go by quicker. No, not today. The server was out this morning, which prevented me from logging on, that instantly caused backlog. But, as it turns out, also helped me out because I forgot my phone at home. So that let me scamper home real quick. Then, the system being stuck on Stupid setting,  can’t run a couple reports or purchase orders, again, causing even more backlog. Yippee freaking skippy.

So, while we’re down at the Smoky Mountains this weekend, I saw that the Smokies, the local Double A farm team will have a home game on Saturday. Might try to hit up a game. Whenever we go to Gatlinburg, they either seem to be away for the entire time we’re down there or have games on Sunday at home. So, depending on how things are Saturday, we may go try to watch a ball game. Otherwise, I’ll be spending my time in the laser tag places, putt putt or in the pool, if not chasing down two crazy kids. I can just see Phoenix chasing down a bear saying “Kitty!” And trying to pet it. Because honestly, I could see him trying that.

So, thanks to all who read my Top 25 this weekend. It was definitely fun to do and it was nice looking at all those videos. Did I keep any readers? If so, awesome! Thanks for sticking around! If not, meh, no difference. I post a lot more now than ever before, thanks to my Droid. I won’t lie, its still more cumbersome to type than a normal computer, and you can’t do as much formating, but the ease of typing whenever and wherever completely outweighs any hinderances. I love this sucker.

So I watched a couple of trailers before work this morning. Sucker Punch, because I’m addicted, and another one that stuck out was Catfish. It looks interesting, the story based off of a Facebook real-life meet-up. Interesting. We’ll see though…