The week of muck continues. It’s not as bad today as it has been, but I don’t want to speak too loudly, otherwise the Gods of Fate will hear me.

So I got back on the horse just as planned with the P90X. Oh, and did it burn. It was arms and shoulders, and a dose of An Ripper X. Once again, the arms weren’t bad, but I didn’t use heavy resistance bands, nor do I want to. Tone, not cut, remember. The Ab Ripper owned me again, but it wouldn’t be much of a workout if I did it all with ease, right?

Tonight is the night I dread. Feh. I do sweat up a storm while doing it, that’s for sure, but some of that requires WAY MORE balance than I could ever muster. But, it’s a challenge. That’s pretty much the mindset I have to go in with on this program. It’s pushing me to better… I need to consistantly step up to the challenge. I think I’m doing okay, I just need to work on being better is all.

So, let’s counter that for a second. Ribfest will be in town next weekend!  Woohoo! I can’t wait to dive into some ribs man, seriously. The music is supposed to be excellent as well this year. I’m hoping friends can join me this year!