Something’s got to be happening, because my whole body is fatigued. Not really hurting, but just fatigued, maybe a bit sore. That’s only because those muscles don’t get used, though. Like I said, I’m out of shape, completely so, and now I have to ‘reap the rewards’ of living a non-active lifestyle. Lucky me.

I’m really interested in what this means for my body on Monday nights, to see how it affects me playing volleyball. I’m hoping that working out will give me more stamina so I can last longer in the match before feeling out of breath and worn down. It’s kind of embarrassing really, halfway through a match, I find myself sucking wind. Granted, its hotter than hell out there, so that has some to do with it, but the main reason is that I’m carrying 210 pounds on a 170 max frame.  So I have to do what I can to get it down to the 155-170 ballpark. This 210 weight has just clung on for WAY too long.

In the world of everything but working out, I was reading a blog of a displayed that’s picked a favorite character of mine to …um… display? Chick does a GREAT Harley Quinn at conventions and showings, she looks amazing. I admit, I’ve dressed up once at a convention, and, if I had the time, money, and skill to make my costume, I might do it more. It was a blast when I dressed up, a lot of fun. So for the folks that dress up now, as long as they dress up as a character that fits their body style, I’m all for it, and good on you for having fun with a character that you enjoy. It’s always fun to see. Again, assuming you have the body type for that character. No one…no one… wants to see a behemoth in spandex. Ever.