How sad is this. I about miss my post today because I was too busy playing homerun derby on my phone. Sad. Not only the time spent but the drain on my phone battery. As a matter of fact, after I enter this, I’m pretty sure I will have to charge it up. Yeah, that much. But hey, I won a new bat, so that’s worth it, right? As I see it anyways.

You know, Jimmy Johns, a sandwich shop, a mediocre over-priced sub shop, was running a special today. Their normal subs for $1. Yup, a buck. So a few of us decided to try it. Normally, I wouldn’t eat there, as I can get the same, if not better sammiches at Subway. But, for a buck, I could deal. Thing was, apparently half the city thought the same thing as there was a line that nearly wrapped the building. We didn’t have the time nor focus to wait, so we went to Noodles Company. So we still were able to get the overpriced, anyways. 😛

Yoga X was last night. I was less than fun. It wasn’t boring, it was kind of nice as Mo did most of it with me, but I just don’t feel like its doing that productive much for me in my ultimate goal. Who knows, though. I’m not the expert here. All I know is that I flop and twist around like a pretzel, and I’m sore as hell the next day with nothing to show for it. Bollocks. But, that said, Mo and I did something together, so that was nice, and a rarity, really. A lot of our interests don’t merge too much, so something that can be shared, even in pain 😛 , then it’s not all that bad. Tonight is another session of An Ripper X, with chest and back. I’m hoping to burn some serious calories tonight. If I can manage to lose 3lbs a week, man, that would put me exactly where I’d like to be. Homeboy can hope…