Ever have one of those weeks, where nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, goes right?  Like, problems that are usually minor, and few and far between, and are usually fixable, happen, only happen right on top of one another.  These small, minor little things start to pile up, and, before you know  it, you’re under a mountain of shit.

That’s exactly what I feel like right now.  Little ticky-tack things, that usually are relatively easily solved, and covered in mud and can’t get solved.  And before you get any ground, 3 other similar problems come on top of you.  Welcome to my week.

And you know, it’s little things, like I said.  It’s not that I can point to any one thing as the source.  With so much crap happening at once, I can’t get my bearings.  So, I in turn, get frustrated, which makes relatively easily fixed issues that much more of a hassle, thus preventing me from solving that problem or any others.  It sucks. 


I took my day of rest off of P90X last night, as I had volleyball.  I was tired, sore, and pissy from another week of poor performance.  Now, I’m hard on myself, I know I am.  But last night, I really was playing poorly.  I couldn’t pass, I couldn’t set, and I couldn’t spike.  Which, if you’re following along, makes for a rough night of volleyball.  I felt drained and exhausted last night, and it didn’t help that I was 10 minutes late.

Like I said.  Shit week.  I’d give anything to just stay in bed for the remainder of the week.