You know, ever since I could remember, I never really liked my birthday. Ever since school age, anyways.

It always marks the end. The end of a year for me, the end of hot weather, the end of baseball or softball, the end of summer, the end of summer break, all of these things. When I was younger, I always hated my birthday because only days later, I would be back to school. Not that anything could have been done about it, but I always attributed bad things to my birthday. In this case, its the end of my vacation. Sad, huh? Meh. Is what it is. There are some neat things attached to my birthday. Growing up, I shared my birthday with Stephanie Spurlock. It was kind of cool. When I got older, I got to share my birthday with my first Nephew, Maycen. Now that, that was really cool. That was definitely a cool day for me.

It sounds like I’m whining or self-loathing or something.  That’s not really the case. Just never really cared for the day is all, moreso because I knew the summer days would be leaving me. What can I say? I’m a dude that loves heat and all the fun that’s attached to it.

So for my birthday, I got to sneak away and watch Inception. What a groovy cool movie. It was like a thinking man’s Matrix or something. Pretty cool idea and story. I would definitely watch this again in the theater and without a doubt get it on Blu-Ray when it comes out.

I also got a couple of carded Pursuit of Cobra Cobra Commanders in the mail as well, so not a bad day.

So, if anyone wonders why I’m a bit somber on my birthday, that’s why.