I don’t know if that’s the proper usage of the umlaut or not, but its fun to use. Plus, it should freak out the web site address bar a bit.

So anyways, today is the annual Hunger reunion. Should be a good time. Although we have to drive about 3+ hours total for about 3- hours of family time. That kind of sucks, but what can ya do? We couldn’t go home early as Mo’s aunt was in town. Wouldn’t want to be rude to the in-laws. So we’ll make the day trek. No biggie. At least the boys will get to spend time with the family.

I’ll do my P90x routine tonight. I can’t remember which one this one is, I think it may be Yoga X. God, I hope not. It just sounds boring. Yoga in general just sounds BOR-RING. It may not be, but I’m not really in to the yoga thing. It’s totally off of pre-concieved notions, so there ya go.

So I was up until 3:00 this morning watching Veronica Mars episodes. It’s really a decent flick, pretty entertaining. Mo had watched until the end of season one, and I had quite a few episodes to go. Pretty interesting stories, a bit more serious, but very Scooby Doo in nature. It’s kind of funny, these kids look as high school as I do. But, whatevs. Its fun to watch. As the series is long since over (we’re watching it on Netflix), I’m curious if the series ran out of steam and petered out or if it just ended. We shall see.

It’s off to Hungerfest, my picture of the day will be from there!