Late post today. I haven’t been exceptionally busy, but with that, I am able to get back work done. Which is a necessity as month end comes screaming near. A lot to do, not a whole lot of time to do it in. Such is life.

Man, if this week goes as well as today has, it’ll shape up to be a decent week. As I said, I haven’t been too busy with current work, which has allowed me to assault some of the old work that’s been sitting on my desk. I’ve been productive today without too many people bugging me. Remember a couple posts ago where I showed you aT.I. Joe Jungle Viper? Well, i found a couple of cases of the latest wave, so I picked up the Recondo figure and a few Jungle Vipers. Squee! And then at lunch, I won a free Chili Dog from Skyline Chili, one of my favorite lunchtime hangout spots. Yay! I stopped by Target on the way back to the office, sand decided to pick up a Dusty figure. I was also craving chocolate, so I picked up a candy bar. Well, duder behind the register scanned the candy bar in place of the Joe figure, so I ended up getting a new figure for $1.15! How sweet is that?! If I knew he was gonna help a brother like that out, I would have grabbed the rest of the set. Ol’ boy knew what he was doing because he asked for my card instead of letting me run it myself. Whatevs. So it’s been a pretty favorable day so far. Hopefully the streak will hold up for tonight’s volleyball game. It would be nice to get a win after last week’s shelling.

In other news, the boys are doomed. They have geek parents and it will carry over to them. Griffen this weekend put a foam star on his head and pro maimed that he was Captain America. My boys are awesome. Of course, when the boy knew who Deadpool was when he was 1 and a half, you had to know he was in for some trouble. I only wish I had video of the moment. It was nothing short of awesome.

So, this weekend, is Ribfest. Man, I’m stoked. I’m pumped to see Candlebox, Seven Mary Three, Collective Soul and Ted Nugent.  Plus, there’s bbq! Hot damn! Oh yeah, and we get Monday off so you know that’s a win.