Welcome back to work, let’s welcome you back by putting the screws to you! God, being back to work sucks. Well, no, being back to work doesn’t suck. Its being hammered with all kinds of crap that sucks. Stuff that takes forever to fix. Stuff that relies on other people to give me info to fix. Stuff that takes more than a Yes/No answer. Mucky stuff. So, welcome back to me.

So, guess I never bothered to comment on Gatlinburg. It was such a nice time. Hot as hell, but nice. Spent a lot of my time in the pool with Griffen, whom absolutely loved the pool slide, by the way. Any time not spent in the pool was spent walking around town, seeing all the knick-knacks they had to offer. Also played laser tag with the fam. That was fun. I totally dig laser tag, I wish I could do it more. Laser tag is where the title is from. My last game I ‘killed’ 109 and was ‘killed’ 5 times. Befoe you ask, no, most were of my age, so there. But anyways, my kill-to-death ratio was nearly 22:1 which is pretty groovy. Or, well, it would be if it mattered. But it was fun.

The trip back though, oh Good God that sucked. Phoenix, we found out, is not a good passenger. We found that out the hard way. Hours of yelling…man, it wore on us both. But, we survived, and all in all it was a good time. Griff was pretty good, so that made it easier.