It sure as hell seems like its dragging. It doesn’t help that this week has been full of crap at work. All kinds of little piddly things adding up to a mesh. Don’t like, don’t want.

So what’s shaking? Not a whole lot, really. Mo’s aunt is in town and then we have a family reunion (official this time, not like Gatlinburg) on Sunday. I wish it was on Saturday so we could use Sunday to unwind, but that’s not how it goes, unfortunately. It’s good, though. The boys need to spend more time with the family so they’re not so shy and miserable like Phoenix was in Gatlinburg. I felt bad, he didn’t feel comfortable at all. I told Mo we need to make a more conscious effort to go down south to see the clan so the boys feel more at home with the Hungers. I would say the Morans, too, but Mikey and Liz always have something going on. Which is awesome, for sure. Its nice that they can still do adventures. We can live vicariously through them. :-)

So I found out my friend is having a boy… That’s awesome, because in a couple years, that boy is going to need a play buddy(ies) and someone to show him the ropes. That would be my boys, if you didn’t make the connection. 😉

Finally today, I’ll be one step closer to getting the Cavvy back on the road. I’m getting the plates renewed tomorrow. After that, a battery, tires, a tune up and work on the fan, then she’ll be better than ever. I shelved the car when Mo got her work truck. We’ve slowly worked on getting it back up (sat dormant for almost two years), and man, will I be happy to get my baby back. I miss it so!