You know, this getting in shape thing. I think I can handle the physical portion of it. It’ll suck, but it’s supposed to suck. It’s supposed to kick your body’s ass. I understand that. And I’m willing to at least try to run through the gauntlet for it. I’m okay with it. What is going to suck is watching what you eat. I’m weak. I’ll be the first to admit it when it comes to food. I love fast food. Chili dogs, hamburgers, Mexican food, Chinese food, Italian food… all of it, so tasty and easily accessible. And relatively inexpensive. I had Chinese today. BBQ yesterday. A quesadilla the day before. FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD… I digress. It takes everything in me to make the right choices to eat the right things. And so far, I’m not making those choices. WORK. I need to work on it.

Man, volleyball last night, for me, was a rough one. I’m not going to blame the fatigue, but my body was tired. The reason I can’t blame it is that I can play through damn near any physical pain. I love competition too much to give in. I think I had some brain bugs that wouldn’t let me focus. No, not real BUGS, thoughts that I couldn’t shake or get rid of. I think it distracted me, to the point where it affected my play. That was my fault, I should have been able to shake it off, but I didn’t. But, the good news is, we won. We won a good game. I think they were equals to us… I believe we had better defense than they did, but otherwise, we were equal. Which is nice. Usually we can only beat teams that we’re leaps better than. Maybe we finally found a groove. We have won more matches than lost, but lost more games than we have won (7-5 matches, 2-2 games), so this is the best we’ve played ever under cca, the organization running the league. So that’s something. Maybe next week I can actually help the team AND get a win. That would be something. :)

P90X Lean, Day 4. Coming this evening…