So, for my picture of the day, I’m going to give you more Sucker Punch. Not the eye candy I presented to you last time, sadly, but an artists’ rendition of Baby Doll and the mech. The movie is just so random, that it really appeals to me. Its set in the imagination of the mind, whih is something I can really get down with. As with true imagination, ideas and conceptions can bounce and flow into anything, and maybe this movie captures that.

It doesn’t help that there are some cute chicks in it 😀

But, that being said, it could also be a colossal train wreck, as well. Like, this could probably be a superb comic book or anime story. The fact that it’s live action could be a risk movie goers may not swallow. It’s so out there that it can’t work kind of thing. There are just some things that don’t work well in the live action form. We watched (or tried to watch) Immortal a could of nights ago. A comic or cartoon? I think it would have really worked. But the live action was rough. Partially because it shifted from live action to cgi, and rough cgi at that, throughout the movie. Premise sounded good, the main actress had a good look to her, but the shifting to bad cgi killed it for us. And thre was hardly any action. I may try to give it another chance before I ship it back to Netflix, we’ll see.

In other movie news, Kick Ass comes out today! I’m pretty stoked for it. We may get it this weekend or so, depending on how everyhing plays out.