Man, if it’s one thing I hate, it’s when you’re a day ahead of yourself. I was certain today was Thursday. Bah. Now I ha e two more days to go. SUCK. That’s what happens when you come off of a back-to-back vacation week. I tell ya, 5 day work weeks are for chumps. Yeah, well, color me chump. I still need to find out who I need to plead my case to to go to 4 10’s. Sure, it would suck the first couple of days, but 3 day weekends would be so excellent.

So my arms are feeling it today. There was one move where you are laying on your side, and pull yourself up on one arm. My arm was shaking so bad when i did it. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. I hope I didn’t mislead anyone yesterday. The Yoga portion wasn’t easy… It was for sure a workout. But I just didn’t feel the burn that I had on previous days. Oh well. I think it’s Chest tonight, and another healthy dosage of An Ripper X. Yeah, that should be a blast. Hopefully I’ll have better results than last time. Stupid gut.

I stayed up till about 1 watching back episodes of Veronica Mars off of Netflix. It’s really a decent show. I’m not sure where it’s going to go now that they found the big killer, although it looks like there’s a new mystery for this season (The start of Season 2 is where we’re at now), so we’ll see how it plays out.