So, it looks like my site got a good number of hits from my card arts… Awesome! Granted, I begged more than half of you to come check it out, but still…at least you came! I really do enjoy making these cards. Honestly, I’m not sure how I’d do if this was my job though. I have to be totally interested in something for it to get my full concentration and skill. Otherwise, if I’m bored with it, or it doesn’t interest me, I usually just abandon it. I mean, for the lines I was interested in, I’d eat it up. I’m just not sure how well I could sludge through the stuff that didn’t particularly stroke my fancy. Still though, I have a few more cards of different lines I want to do, then I’ll go back and do more characters of the lines I already did. I’m particularly looking forward to doing a Sam Axe figure for Burn Notice. But, for those that looked, thank you for your time. I hope they were worth the effort.

P90X continues. I’m on week 2 now. SOMETHING is happening, as I’ve lost nearly 10 pounds in a little over a week. I know most of it’s water weight and will flux, but it’s something. I have to maintain my focus and keep on it if I want to achieve the goals I’ve laid out for myself. I’m still pretty sore, but I think I’m getting it. I still have some issues with Dreya Rolls, but I’m starting to figure those out, too. Mo was kind enough to help me with the Yoga portions last night. Turns out, for the most part, I had the swing of it, I just needed tweeked some.

Off to volleyball tonight, and then the ball-busting An Ripped X this evening. Should be fun. 😛