So, wanna know what I started today? P90x Lean. Holy shit. I knew I was out of shape. I knew this. But I didn’t quit what that meant. I found out. And it sucks.

Most of the things, I could do. Maybe not as cleanly, maybe not as quickly, but I could do them. But one thing, man, I just couldn’t do for jack. Dreya Rolls. Those things suck so bad, my gut was like, “Hell with you, dude.”  And, I won’t lie, some of the stuff, I didn’t do the hardest way possible. Plank to Chaturanga Runs, I just did Plank runs. Which was basically like running in a push-up position. It was most definitely a work out, and I’m fatigued. I hope I can stay with it, and even moreso, I hope it has the effects that I’m looking for. I feel like it was a solid start though, I sweated up a storm, and I felt the burn. I need to do better, though. At least I made the most important step though, the first one. Wish me the best!  Thanks to Scott for hooking me up!

I’ve decided to celebrate by watching the G.I. Joe movie and having a beer tonight.

I still have to work on the watching what I eat/drink thing. THAT, that will suck.