Look, I know it was a short week for me, and I shouldn’t be complaining, but JE-SUS did this week just seem to drag. It didn’t help that I was welcomed back to a mound of crap to deal with. That’s never welcoming. I did get over two humps this week that I was dreading, so that’s a plus. I hate getting new vendors in the system and I suck at sourcing for competitors. And I think I took care of both, but we’ll see.

So I did buy Monday Night Combat. It wasn’t too bad. It really is like Team Fortress 2, only in a smaller, more confined area. It takes some getting used to, control-wise. But graphics and gameplay are both pretty tight. I played that for a while and I played Bad Company 2 with friends last night. God I hate BC 2. I’m so bad at it. I always get more points supporting than actually killing. What in the hell is the fun in that?!? I still have to finish up Red Dead Redemption as well. I’m thinking of playing through a second time now that I know what I’m doing.

I got my resistance band for my P90x workout. I’m going to start either tonight or tomorrow. Should be interesting. Or an epic failure, one of the two. Wish me luck!