Honestly? Nothing about this had appeal to me. It struck my curiosity as my wife always does it. But alone, yoga, and in turn, Yoga X, was not what I was looking forward to. 

So, in the beginning, there was some hard (for me) poses and maintaining of poses, some because of lack of balance, some because of lack of skill. What can ya do? Let me tell you, Warrior 3 is a bit of a bitch. Out of balance and skill, its just a freaking challenge. Most poses came out of an ‘upward dog’ into ‘running pose’. That wasn’t too bad, really. It was the poses that was a pain. 😉

After the initial standing poses, we went to the ground to do random things on the ground. The hardest pose inolved twisting prayer pose thinguses. It was awkward, and a bit of a burn. Everything else was pretty easy. There was some an work that was done but it wasn’t too bad.

Overall, it wasn’t bad. It didn’t feel that productive though, really. I’m sure it did more than I think, but it didn’t feel like the burn I had from the previous days, though.