Alright kids, the dreaded Ab Ripper X element was back for some more fun.  And it brought it’s friend Legs and Back this time.  Tons of fun, let me tell you. After doing a little light yardwork beforehand, I had a bit of a warm up before routines.

I decided to to try a different approach at the elements this evening.  Whereas the first time around, I did Arms and Shoulders AND THEN Ab Ripper, I decided to do Ab Ripper first.  It’s one of the main things I’m focusing on, so I wanted to make sure I nailed it.  Second thing I tried…  First time through, I tried to keep up, and rolled on as the guys did.  I got done pretty quick, but I didn’t hit the recommended number of reps that they were doing. This time, I paused every time they started a routine, and I did my recommended reps.  It took longer, but I nailed my numbers.  I missed the speed burn, the speed burn was nice, but, I think I did better by hitting my rep numbers, at my pace.  Next time, I will maybe try a bit of both.  Most of the elements were pretty rough, but going at my own pace, I was able to accomplish it.

My second element, the Legs and Back, was weird.  It didn’t feel like I was burning too bad during, but now that I’m done, it’s affecting me.  Legs are a bit weak, the back is a bit sore.  This, this I’m okay with.  It’s nice that I’m able to complete the mission, and the pain can come in later. It’s handy, as I’m getting ready to get some sleep in.  The pain can come and go in my sleep.

Overall, I feel better about Ab Ripper X.  Only really because I did it at my pace.  I’ll work on the speed burn soon enough, but I need to make sure I nail my reps.  Legs and Back was a good element.  Nice work out.

Tomorrow… Kenpo X.  Heee-ya!