Boys and girls, let me welcome you to the dessert of the week. This a workout, for sure, but it’s actually fun and interesting.

The program starts with several types of stretching and prepping, and then, the fun starts. A flurry of punches, kicks and blocks in separate segments, several times combining moves. I’ll be honest with you. There was some of the combination moves that had me completely perplexed. I couldn’t figure out the combinations right. So, did it till I figured it out right. This whole element, I could do several times a week, it was that fun.

So, the program calls for either a day off or doing the X Stretch for tomorrow. I’ll be honest with you, I think the body needs a day or rest, and then get back to the fight on Saturday. So, thus ends week 1 of P90X Lean. It’s been a bit of a challenge, I hope to attack next week more aggressively, sweat more, and obtain better results. Thanks for staying with me these 6 days, and wish me luck for next week!