P90X Day 2 consisted of Cardio X. Considering what I went through yesterday, to say I was concerned was an understatement. When I saw it was under an hour, I had gained a little confidence… It’s less than an hour long, how bad can it be?

Well. The truth is, it wasn’t THAT bad. Oh, it was a workout, that’s for sure. And they had those damned Dreya Rolls in it, but the rest wasn’t too bad. There was a TON of different things that he had us do. The first section consisted of yoga moves. Which, wasn’t too horrendous other than Chaturanga shit. That sucked. After that, there was “Wacky Jacks” which looked (and felt) pretty silly doing. Everything else kind of blurred, but this wasn’t too bad today.

Still though, 88 more days of this? Where the heck will I find the strength and focus to continue?!?