I meant to enter this last night but I was too tired.

Anywho, Tonight consisted of 2 elements, Arms & Shoulders, and Ab Ripper X.  Arms and Shoulders nearly lasted an hour.  I was a little nervous on this one, as my arms aren’t exactly the strongest part of me.  Nor do I have any ambition for huge guns.  I’m just hoping to tone them and make them look a bit better.  Also, I think I’ve snafued my right shoulder, so I’m delicate with it usually.  I was curious how any strain on it would result in.  Happily, this wasn’t that bad of a work out.  It involved a LOT of work with bands.  I bought the medium resistance band because I didn’t know what I was getting into, but my band work last night went smoothly.  So I’m not sure if my bands were not resistant enough or what, because I was able to nail about everything they did.  I had thought about getting a heavier band, but you know what, I think I’ll stay with the medium bands and do more reps.  I’ll still get the burn, I think, so I should be good.  The two exercises that were challenges were the chair drop things and the laying-on-your-side-and-have-your-arm-pick-up-your-body things.  Look, I forgot what they were called…sue me 😛  Those were pretty tough.  I managed to push myself through a sloppy ten per side, and did two sets of 10 chair drop things, so I’m okay.  I’d like to do more next time, but we’ll see.  All in all, though, even though I was using a lighter resistance band, it wasn’t a bad work out, and my arms are feeling it still this morning.

The second part, Ab Ripper X, holy shit, kicked my ass.  So bad.  A lot of the stuff I had problems with.  Some of the stuff, I couldn’t do.  A lot of the ‘couldn’t do’ was a result of me not keeping my balance, some of it was due to me just not being able to hack it.  That was tough, man.  That’s been my disappointment so far.  Luckily, I do this twice a week, so hopefully I can redeem myself later this week.  But, this is the money element, I think.  This is the one that will be my focus.  I need to do better at it.  I need to lose this gut, and I think this element will be the element that does it for me.

So, after volleyball last night (which, we won, but I sucked horribly at), Arms & Shoulders, and Ab Ripper X, I lost about 3 pounds yesterday.  Impressive.