Man, it is such a beautiful day today. And I’m stuck working. What kind of horsecrap is that, huh? Oh well, at least the family is getting to spend some quality time outdoors. Mo took the boys to the zoo today, so that gave them all the chance to get some fresh air. Of course, I’m working from him today, as we only have one operational car, but that’s soon to be ammended. I just got the car’s tags reinstated, so soon my Cavvy will be on the road again (Cue music for those of you who are so inclined…).  Still need to do some work with it. I need a new tire, need to work on the engine fan, need to give it an oil change, would really like to give it a tune up. Probably wouldn’t hurt to change the wiped blades and top off the other fluids as well. Oh yeah, need a new battery. :-/  So we got a lot banged out, still need to do a bunch of stuff yet though. We’re getting there. Soooooooon.

So speaking of vehicles, the bike racers are zooming around the track. They sound like a bunch of pisses off hornets. I’m not a racing fan, but I’d go watch the bike race. That’s at least exciting. Those guys are CRAZY. The race just sneaks up on you, too. I had no idea the race was. This weekend. If I had known, I would have planned better so I could go. Oh well, I guess. Maybe next year. It’s a pretty short race, we won’t be locked in like the other races.

P90X continues to kick my ass. Another dose of An Ripper X totally wiped me. I think it was my fault, though. I hardly had anything at all to eat, and I think that’s what toasted me. I had issues doing the funky sit-ups to pulse-up things, I couldn’t get all 25 in. Maybe next week. Tonight is Kenpo X. That’s the fun work out. I’m looking forward to it.