God bless it was a hot one today. I got asked to fill in on a sand volleyball team for a tournament today. One of those all day tournament types, with a round robin beforehand. This involved me getting up at about 7 in the morning. To play volleyball. I may start to have signs of a sickness. I got there about 9:00, and it was kind of cool, and thought, hell, this isn’t that bad. Even if it gets a bit warmer, it’ll still be nice. Well, it did warm up. And kept warming up. Until it was damned hot. Even the sand was hot to the touch.

So in round robin, we won one, lost one, and split a two-match game. Not bad, by my book. I did okay. I played back court defense and let the others attack. I have a little more faith in my defense than offense anyways. I was able to get in some good digs and played okay. For playing with a group that I hadn’t played with before, I was okay with my performance. Then came the tournament.

I made the mistake of sitting down and eating, which made me cold and heavy. But, I wasn’t the only one. Our whole team was cold for the actual tournament. And, as a result, in true form, we got beat.  Smoked. And we looked bad, too. Nothing was working, couldn’t bump, set or spike. Well, we could set. By ‘we’, I mean our girl player. She was a machine. I was completely impressed with her abilities. I’d send a ball in her general direction, and she was able to make solid sets every time.

I’m supposed to do my P90X tonight, but I’m sore, tired and my foot hurts. So I’m going to let my foot heal a bit before I start doing a lot of work on it. Bad boy? Don’t care. It hurts so much I limp. I’m taking a break.