Quite a few pictures for Picture of the Day today. These are all taken from Anderson’s Orchard in Mooresville, IN. Listen, it’s either I do it this way, or I string it out for a couple weeks…

As scenic as the place was and as beautiful as the day was, it was EASY to capture some great shots.

I love panoramics. This was about a half-mile (+/-) into the orchard. I had to do my routine panoramic.

This sign amused me. It’s exiting the actual orchard portion. This is to make sure all who get apples, pay for their apples, rasberries, peaches, pumpkins, etc.

Yeah, well, I’da Jay! Okay, anyone that knows me or has read this KNOWS i’m all about the corny and cheesy joke. So, there ya go. Every row as a sign listing what kind of apple is there. Really cool, and I had no clue there was so many different types of apples.

Soooo mannny appples… The mutant apple was crazy. I can’t recall which type of apple this was, Cortlands, I think, but there was about three or four apples that grew together as one.

Just some shots on site. The farmer’s market was really nice with a great variety.

The whole family had a real good time. Griffen’s highlight was a big play area that he had a great time at. Usually, he’s a bit of a playground dictator, but pretty much behaved himself, which was kind of nice.

These, I think, are a couple of the best pictures I may have ever taken. I love them.