Holy crap, I love this game. My wife had it for her Iphone, and I would play it for HOURS. I couldn’t stop, it was an addiction. It wasn’t available on the Android Market until today as a Beta. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. I can’t tell you how sad this makes my Droid’s battery. Basically, you fling birds at green pigs. It’s awesome. And addictive. I may actually have to break down and buy this once the full version is available.

In other news… Go Bengals! Our second string beat the Colts’ second string! Now that we have the preseason out of the way, its time for real football to start up. And to usher in a new football season, time for a new jersey. I suspect I’ll get a Leon Hall or Johnathan Joseph. I dig the D, ya know. I’m just hoping the dudes have a good year and can stay out of trouble. Why is it that my biggest concern with them is not that they will not have a good year, but that they’ll do something stupid and get in trouble? Awww, my Bengals. So, I have a friend who’s ordering several jerseys and let me piggyback and pay him later. That’s mighty cool of him and is appreciated. I’m looking forward to it, though. I love jerseys. The fit great and are nice and loose, even on my heifer body.

Also, I’m thoroughly enjoying Redbox. We rented Clash of the Titans last night. Both of us liked it. It was kind of jumpy at times, I turned away a couple times and I’d miss something. I hate the person that asks the questions during the movie, but I found myself doing that a couple times, just because I wasn’t paying attention. The monsters were great, the effects were pretty good. It was a complete change from the original, but to be honest with you, THANK GOD. I didn’t care for the original. I think either tonight or Saturday, we’ll be getting The Book of Eli. Looks pretty fun.

So, yeah, back to Angry Birds.