So a friend and I were discussing dreams today, well, I kept bothering her with dream information and she humoured me anyways, about dreams that we’ve had, would like to experience, and what we thought about them. So guess what I’m going to talk about today?

I love dreams, I really do. I always have, really. It’s. The one time where no rules, regulations or limitations take place. They’re all thrown out the window. You can cross a dark and shadowly figure one night and be an astronaut another, and be stuck in junior high with only your underwear on (guilty on that one… That sucked!) another night. But what’s it all mean? Why do we have nightmares, why do we have dreams of unattainable characteristics? Why do we talk to our dinner plates, and why do they talk back?

Our brain is a wonderous thing, and it’s never shut off. When our bodies have enough, we need sleep, but our minds need none of that. So, every, most or some (personal results vary) nights, our brains treat us to a movie in our skull, one that’s personal and ranges from the mundane to horrific to entertaining. And I love it. They’re all interesting in their own right. A couple of nights ago, I dreamt the world was becoming over run by zombies, quite frankly, a new dream topic for me. I dreamt that I was able to get Mo and the boys on a plane to safety, while I had to go to my parents house to help protect it from invaders. Freaking bizarre, right? Pfft. That’s mainstream to most of my dreams.

I try to record most of my epic and story-driven dreams. If nothing else, they make interesting conversation pieces. Everything from being shot into space, to going bowling, to playing a guitar for the Beastie Boys. All over the place. I’m not going to do anything with them other than share them with any who ask, I may use them for inspiration for any comic stories I’m working on, but other than that, they’re my own personal nuggets of who I am, as screwed up as that is.

Now, I question what rednecks preventing me from bowling and seeing a star explode have to do with my brain figuring out what day-to-day issues I need to work on have to do with one another, but I’m sure there’s a reason. I try to do some armchair analyzing too, to look for patterns and goals. Sometimes I see them, sometimes it’s a WTF mess, but still I look.

Basically, there’s nothing I can do about it anyways, I’m going to dream, so I might as well enjoy the show. Maybe I’ll share a dream with you tomorrow. That sounds like fun!

Hmmm… I want to write more but I’m out of time. Maybe later tonight, a bonus entry!