That was quite possible the worst joke I’ve ever told, and just think, you were there to experience it first-hand. Aren’t you the lucky one?

So, my phone FINALLY got the update it was touting since before it came out, damn near last of the Android phones to get the update. Froyo, the name of the Android 2.2 (actually 2.3-something currently) operating system. What does that mean? Not a terrible lot, currently. At least, visibly. It’s changed some minor things here and there, small upgrades and tweaks. Some of the text entry rules have changed, so I’m adapting to that. The big addition though, by far is the addition of Flash. Now that it has Flash running ON MY PHONE, this beast is back on top where it deserves to be. Still figuring out the differences in this new OS, so there could be other changes I haven’t seen yet. It feels like a good change though.

Other than that, looks like I may have a second volleyball night a week. Mo joined some thing that’s got yoga, daycare and a volleyball league going on the same night, so we all can do something on Monday nights. But man, why the hell on Mondays? Mondays suck! Not only that, but it’s football season–don’t these people watch football?! But, volleyball is volleyball, so I’ll play if there’s a spot for me. I hope it’s at least an intermediate if not advanced league. I need to better myself, and playing one-hit ball will not help the cause.