So, Mo sent me a link to a Hacky Sack article earlier today… Man, was that a time warp. Dude, most of you (the three people that read this 😛 ) probably know the amount of time I played this in high school. When I wasn’t eating lunch, I was in the gym with Bruce Sutton, Tim Chandler, Matt Obendorf, Dave Webster, Josh Simms, Dwayne Steele, and others playing. Even during Geometry class, we’d play when we were done with the lessons for the day. It was addictive. With friends or by myself, I’d kick a poor little sack around. I mean, yeah, I know it’s goofy, and you may look silly doing it, but it’s a lot of fun and great exercise. My legs were really rocking, and most of that was due to hacky sack (footbag). I had a ferocious back kick but other than that, I was average at it. I tell you, it was also a great ice breaker at places as well. On our youth trip to Atlanta for Luther League, we met all kinds of dudes and even a couple girls because of it. Not to mention in college, all kinds of folks played. I had mom make me several bags in the past, and Mo even made me a couple early in our dating.

Every once in a while, I want to pick it back up. If nothing else, to work over my legs. I kicked a sack around a sack yesterday to amuse the boys (which I assume is why Mo sent me the link), and try were totally interested in it. Maybe I can get them going in it, it would be good for them. If nothing else, it would be hysterical to watch. As, I assume, it was pretty entertaining to watch us doing it in school. Entertaing in a ‘Good God, I want to see one of these fools fall (guilty, by the way…falling, that is)’ kind of way more than a ‘This is a hoot to watch’ kind of way.