Man, nothing’s really tickling the fancy today. Don’t have a whole lot to talk about, but here goes it anyways…

So our last (*pout*) sand volleyball game for the year was last night. As luck would have it, we were playing against the team I played with a few weeks ago in the tournament. They weren’t unbeatable, but they weren’t someone to take lightly, either. So then we found out one of our girls was in Chicago, only minutes before the game. Bullshit. Man, I know it’s only rec league and all, and I’m not trying to go pro or anything, but shit, man. You pay to play, so freaking play. And its not like in softball where there are usually back up players…its a four man team. If you’re not there, it makes an impact. And we’re not that good of a team to overcome something like a missing person. So you can pretty much tell how it went. The first game, we went point-for-point with them early on. They found a groove, and then maintained a lead through the game. The second game, they ran away early, but thanks to good play and much better serving, we were able to tie them at 18 all. They nickel and dined a couple points, and then we flipped serves a few times, giving them the points they needed to win. It sucks. We really could have beat these guys. My serves were working, but I was feeling nauseas and was off while playing defense. I took a little off on attacks to make sure my hits were in bounds, and that might have hurt us by giving them easy targets. I don’t know. I know I could have made a better impact, but what can you do. So, now we wait for October for indoor ball. Hopefully we’ll have better luck. We’re getting better, so hopefully we’ll continue that. It would be nice to have all of our fucking players, though.

What else is shaking? Not a whole lot, really. Just a heads up though, fiscal year is coming to a close here at SWT, so my posts may become smaller, and I may miss days. Don’t worry, I’ll be back, it’s just a matter of priority is all. I hate year end. All kinds of shit goes wrong at the last second. Sometimes its something overlooked, sometimes its emergencies, either way, ends in a headache for yours truly. Boo.