Been a busy weekend, gang! But sure was a lot of fun. It’s just nice to know that I have one more day left of it. SO nice. Weird thing is, it still hasn’t set in yet. I still feel like I’m ready (Not a typo… actually READY) for work tomorrow. Oh well. Come tomorrow, I’m sure the time would have flown by with nothing to show for it.

So, I’m going to have some photos to share with you from yesterday. The clan went to Anderson’s Orchard yesterday to ‘pick apples’.¬† Now, I wont lie to you, the only time I like spending outside is doing something athletic or competitive. I’m not so much an outdoorsy-naturist type. Never have been. So I was pretty much dreading the idea of going around and picking apples off of trees. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a really nice place. Sure, there were apple trees as far as the eye could see, that I was planning on. But they also had a farmer’s market of fruits for sale, as well as preserves and other things. Also, they had a concession stand that sold the best Elephant Ears (or doughboys for crazy East Coasters). They also so some killer Apple Cider and Cider Slush. Good stuff. Anyways, with prices more than fair (On the produce and drinks, the hot dogs were pretty pricey), we ended up blowing $20 on produce and $15 on food. We brought home a big thing of various apples, several tomatoes, several (amazing) peaches, banana peppers, jalep√©nos, and preserves. Sweet haul! It didn’t hurt that it was an amazing day out, either. It was beautiful, and getting the family out for some quality time, well, you just can’t beat it. So, if you’re looking for something random to do up in Indy this fall, check out Anderson Orchard. Its a pretty nice place! We’re definitely going to get our pumpkins there, I’ll support the place.

From the nicely priced to the overpriced, I went to Ribfest today to pick up lunch for the Missus and I. Holy crap was it expensive and busy as hell. With The Why Store playing in the background, I did a few loops to figure out which booth won the coveted” Our asses are broke, so we can only afford to hit one spot” award for the year. The winner by unanimous “Eh, this one looks good” went to Coyote Roadhouse, a booth by Pigfoot (to this date, still the best I’ve had). I picked them because they won several pulled pork championships, and thats what I was after. After taking it home, eh, the pork was okay. The bbq sauce was really sweet (they had an even more sweeter sauce, I picked up ‘Original’) but not bad. I won’t go to them again, though. Mo was less thrilled than I, but she’s often more critical than I on food. Especially when there’s dead flesh involved. I’m a carnivore, what can I say. So anyways, either today or tomorrow, I’ll show a couple pictures I took from Ribfest. I can’t tell you how bummed I am about missing Seven Mary Three, Candlebox and Collective Soul. Extreme Sad Face. :-(