Hooray for free lunches! So, yesterday, I had some luck in getting something overnighted to one of my branches. It was late in the day, a bit of a challenge, a small hassle, but it’s my job. I don’t mind doing it. Anyways, I had some luck with it, and in an e-mail to the branch manager, I made a comment about how he owed me a lunch because of it. I didn’t mean it, I was joking around. So today comes around and he pops in my cubicle and says ‘You ready for lunch?’ So, free lunch. Thats two this week, for those of you counting. Awesome.

So I ended up going to a Redbox machine last night and got The Losers on Blu Ray for $1.61 for the night. Not a bad experience, I have to say. It helps that the movie was really enjoyable. I actually liked most of the characters. Chris Evans (The Human Torch from Fantastic Four, and will be Captain America next year) stole the show. I also liked Cougar and…is it Pooch? They were done really well. I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying this one soon. It definitely had a G.I. Joe feel to it. Meanwhile as for the experience, Redbox is aces in my book. I actually might get another movie tonight, Clash of the Titans. We’ll see.

So football season is upon us. I wore my Bengals jersey for the first time this year, gotta get myself pumped for it. Cincy is in town tonight playing the Colts in the last preseason game, so guess what I’ll be watching tonight? Oh yeah. Come on, Bengals, every game, every win matters!