But dammit, it should.

Back to reality as I’m back in the office today. It really sucks, because even as full and fun weekend as we had, we had so much more we wanted to get done. Painting, cleaning, chores along with drawing and other hobby-related activities. I would have to take weeks off to get the house where I want it and get all of my hobbies up to where I want them to be. Sad, ain’t it? I am so horrible at mastering my time. Absolutely horrible. I’m not sure if it’s a matter of prioritizing properly, staying focused, or a matter of other things, but I’m sure it’s a mixture of it all. Too many oars in the water. But, it’s how I’ve always been, I’ve always dabbler in many things, never anchoring myself in one element. Wish I had more time to deal with things, I just don’t, so I have to deal accordingly.

Don’t have anything too exciting going on today. Just trying to make it through. I may try to paint the shutters tonight to appease the wife. I assume a deeper shade of red… Shit.

You know what’s just a pain in the ass? When you have a song stuck in your head, and you don’t even know the words. I had A Deeper Shade of Soul stuck in my head yesterday, and I don’t know the words. Bah. Today I had Must Increase My Bust by Lords of Acid (is that even the title?). I listened to Crablouse (anyone know if there’s an instrumental version of that song out there?) and I followed the Youtube train of links to Must Increase My Bust. Another victim of Youtube thought-train linking.