Can someone send a memo to the Bengals to let them know this?

That’s right, football season is upon us once again, and once again, things start with a sputter. Bengals spotted New England 24 points to their 3 at the end of the half. They couldn’t get ANYTHING going, and when the opening kick off to New England was returned for a touchdown, well, at that point, it was just trying to find some pride. Which, all things considered, they did a great job after that point. They ended up scoring 3 touchdowns after the half, and Chad Ochocinco had a solid game, best, I’d say, in a few years. The new kicker Nugent kicked a 54 yd field goal, which was great, too. So, some shining points, but they need to get on it for the whole game.

Other than that, we did a little housework this weekend. Worked on some shutters, painted the dining room chairs. Fun stuff, and we’re not even close to done.

So the Cavvy made its inaugural trip to work today. Still handles a bit rough, but she’ll work it out. I had Mo trade me cars at lunch so I wouldn’t drive it in heavy traffic. The fan’s still not working, so I don’t want to overheat it. Hopefully, by Sunday, my car will be right as rain. I’ll still need at least one tire, but that’ll have to wait until payday. Man, I’ve missed my sunroof…

Volleyball tonight. Tournament time! If we lose, we don’t play again until October, and thats indoors. Boo indoors. :-( But it’s something. Better than not playing at all.