Oh my God, how do I hate year end at work. Man, it really freaking sucks. I’m so busy trying to catch up as much as possible, and everyone and their brother is trying to order and complete shit before year end, it’s basically piling all on top of me. I’m lucky if I can get everything done from today, but stuff from yesterday is backing up. This is really the first quiet moment I’ve had all day. I went home for lunch, but I had to fix my lunch (pb&j mofo) and help get the boys settled and down for a nap. Seems Mo was having a rough time, so I had to help out. So I never really got to relax at all. Meh.

So tomorrow, I think I’m going to buy a few domain names. I know, I know. I was just saying how I’ve been ignoring my sites as it was, why add more? I think I’ve got a plan. It may not be a very good one, but GoDaddy has a sale on domain names currently, and I figured why not. At worst, I’ll only be out about $30. So we’ll see how tomorrow is.

Speakin’a’which, we head down for the Pumpkin Fair tomorrow. Expect pictures. I could really go for an elephant ear. It’s forcasting rain, but who knows. I’d like to think it’ll hold off for a bit so the boys can go on some rides. We’ll see.

Sorry so short, but I have to get back before they do even more damage to me. Effin’ year end.