Ya know, I wanted to enter more yesterday, as it’s a topic I’m interested in, although, haven’t thought about in a while, but I just got sidetracked and it didn’t happen. Oh well, what are ya gonna do?

A couple things this morning. One, I might have my car operational by this weekend! Wooooo! The fan will not be functional yet, but I drove it without it for three years, what’s a couple more weeks. But the battery could be fixed (read: replaced), the tire(s) will be replaced, and I may be able to get an oil change as well. All that will need to be done is work on the motor fan and she’ll be good as new. This makes me happy. I’ve missed the Cavvy. It was a good car and ran well. I know the wife will be happy, too. She’s going stir crazy in the house. I know the Impala is not her favorite car, but it’s nice and gets her and the boys where she needs to be.

Other than that, I’ve got jerseys on the way! Wooo! Mo has a Boston Bruins jersey, and I have a Cincinnati Bengals and Nashville Predator jersey coming. Can’t wait on those, man, they look great in pictures. I tell ya though, I couldn’t decide what to get. I was about to order a KC Royals jersey, but they only sell Cool Base jerseys, and I hate the way they wear. They don’t feel like jerseys. They just feel…off. I was tempted to get another Benham jersey, but decided not to pull the trigger on it. I’ve got 6 Bengals jerseys… Do I need another? Hmmm. Maybe on my next order 😀

Man, we had Five Guys last night for supper. Gah. You know, I might be able to eat there once in a long while, but their food is sooo greasy. I felt bad for taking the kids there. They need to eat healthier, and that place is not it.