I totally admit it. I hardly entered anything last week because I was too busy playing Angry Birds. You just can’t understand this obsession until you play it yourself. It’s HIGHLY addictive, one of those, ‘just beat this level and put it down…okay, maybe one more level’ kind of games. I’ve beat it now, and now I’m trying to go back and get three stars on all the levels. I’m such a nerd.

So, we had a family wedding this weekend. It was nice and short. The reception was busy, tons of people came for it. From the ‘church’ (I’ll get back to that…) to the reception hall, the wedding party rode in the back of a cattle trailer pulled by a tractor. The trailer was furnished with covered bails of hay and alcohol was readily available. It was a sight to be seen. The party looked nice and they seemed to have a good time, which is all one can ask.

So their wedding was at the Glory Barn in Versailles. I’ve never been there, but I had heard stories. I knew several people that went there, but never really bothered to see what it was about. I can tell. You that it’s a tall security fence away from a compound though. The building is huge and there’s a big parsonage off to the side. At least, I think it’s a parsonage. It looks like a small fort. Inside the building, there’s odd banners and swords on the walls, rams horns and other oddities. It was like no other church I’ve been to. I was thoroughly interested in all of it, it was so foreign. I never recall seeing swords in a church…the Star of David, too. Just very peculiar. I definitely want to know more about what I saw, and the whys. Very interesting.