Finishing my ‘lunch’ at Starbucks today and just took a brief self-evaluation… Gah. Mo charitably gave me her Starbucks gift card to use, as she really doesn’t go to Starbucks. Not that I’m an avid goer or anything, but I’ve been known to enjoy a nice chocolatey frappacino now and then. So, the thought was maybe grab a frap and sammich… I’ve never had one at Starbucks, but they always look tasty. And I had a 10-spot on the card, so I figured I was covered. WRONG. Frappacinos are $4+ and sammiches are about $6. So, after tax, that puts my meal at $10+. Screw you, ya yuppie trash! …so I decided to have a frap and a cheese danish. And now I have a couple bucks to use for next time. Win.

Once again, I failed at getting done what I wanted to get done. I had to work late yesterday, so that put me behind the eight ball as it was. Then my birthed-in-law came over with the couch they were giving us. Very nice of them, but it threw my time tables off. By the time we were set with the couches, it waaas time to feed the boys. I let them play for a bit, and then it was time to hit the bed. It’s not to say I didn’t get a few things done, but nowhere where I wanted to be. Try again tonight, I suppose.

Other news is that apparently everything in the world is happening on the 23rd of this month. A baby shower for little Amy, my cousin Patrick’s wedding, mother-in-law’s birthday, a toy show in Kokomo, and…something else, I think. We’ll probably be at the wedding, but we have to send little Amy some love for her baby. Mother-in-law will have to deal and we can celebrate it on another day. The toy show is right out. Seriously… who’s in charge of planning here?!?