I have a story for you today. I can’t remember what I was going to talk about, but this trumps it, regardless.

So I was going to lunch today, and a road I typically use is out for repairs. In going a different way I totally forgot that there was a school on this road. Now, typically, im not a speed demon that I once was (120 mph on the bridge on 275, boyee), but I was travelling at just under 40 mph and then I realized I was in a school zone. By the time I did a mental ‘Oh crap’, whom did I see but a cop coming in the other lane. Naturally. As soon as he passed me, he turned around to what I assume to collect his prize. I couldn’t fight it, he had me dead to rights. So I dipped off into a housing subdivision. I figured if he was going to pull me over, I could get us both off the road so no one would be hit. I drove slowly on the side road, I didn’t want him to think I was running (which, I won’t lie, was a back-up reason why I went into the division). I waited for a second and said screw it. I did a windy path, in case he actually was pursuing me, to ditch him in the housing complex. I found my way back to the road I was on, and looked to see if he was waiting for me to come out. No cop, so I don’t know if he pursued me, if I lost him or what, but I ran from the cop. I’m a bad, bad man.

No, I successfully navigated my own course (driving the speed limit, mind you), and evading a big ass ticket, of which I was slowing down for anyways. Win.