Oh man… Thank Heavens for Hulu Plus. I just found Exo Squad, a cartoon series from the 1990’s…probably one of the more interesting and well done cartoons done, period. It is stuck in 90’s fashion, but I never hold timeframe fashion against something, unless whatever it is, is a fail anyways.

But Exo Squad is nothing even remotely close to fail. Honestly, the closest thing to ‘fail’ from this series is that the toys were just a hair too small. Action figures coming in at around 2.5″, they were about 1.25-1.5″ shorter than they should have been for optimal play value. The stories were “serious” in tone, but nothing overdone to where a kid couldn’t enjoy it. An interesting point is that it had female soldiers in the front line, and didn’t dumb them down. They were in the middle of the fight as much as they guys were, and in the middle of the fight, they didn’t “girl” out, it was pretty progressive in that light.

But, yeah. I’m geeking out. Instead of watching the New York Giants against the Chicago Bears, I’m watching 90’s cartoons, finishing off milk and cookies. Tis a good night.