And just like that, another fiscal year is over at Siemens. Am I happy?

Oh, yes.

And now I have time to enter posts again, which is nice. So what’s new? Well, volleyball is kind of up in the air (no pun intended). My usual team didn’t get signed up, so I’m a nomad once again. I supposedly start a league on the 11th, but I’m afraid it’s a One-hitter rec league… Meaning they are just happy to hit the ball back and forth over the net, instead of actually making plays. I could be wrong, and hope I am. Not that I’m holier than thou, but I want to excel and become better, backsliding typically doesn’t allow you to progress.

So I think I’m finally sober off of toy collecting. I haven’t purchased anything in a month, and really havent had the desire to do so. Only time will tell, as I know I’ve said this before, so we’ll see. And it’s not that there isn’t stuff out there to buy.  There’s some really neat stuff out there! I just… don’t have the push for it. Maybe lil Jay’s growing up after all.

I have, however, bought a couple movies as of late. Bought Iron Man 2 and Superman & Batman: Apocalypse. Both were fantastic movies. I’m really happy with DC’s animated movies. Wonder Woman may still be the best, but all have been really enjoyable flicks.

I’m dedicating myself back to art again. I think I’ve found a way for me to keep active and not get bored with it. Details in the next coming months.

So, back to normal again. You should see daily posts from me again, an pictures pretty routinely. Thanks God for October 1st.