So, I got wind of the advanced weaponry discovered income South Africa recently. A discovery that predates original estimates of similar weaponry by 55,000 YEARS. Let that sink in. 55,000 years. It’s something you can’t even come to terms with. At most, ‘history’ is only ballpark 4,000-6,500 years old, the documentation of life at the time. Now multiply it ten times and you get the gap you have between this South African tribe(s) and what scholars expected to be the earliest proof of weaponry of this magnitude and skill. That’s retarded long.

So many questions come from this. Why hasn’t history turned these items up before? Why didn’t the ideas spread from there? How did they come to this discovery so early? Why didn’t they totally dominate and rule over other humans at the time due to some element of superior knowledge? Why on Earth is the time window between one another so drastic?!

The pessimist in me wonders if the dating is accurate. I wonder if the relic(s) were planted. I wonder if the evidence was tampered with. I want to believe none of those things. The hopeful person in me wants to believe that this is merely the first of many finds to totally redo the history books. I hope they’re able to find an advanced culture. Living establishments, pottery and other daily life relics, more weapons, man, an intelligent writing system. That would be truly amazing, but I understand thats dreams at best. There’s nothing more interesting than proving a bunch of stuffy know-it-all scholars wrong. Here’s hoping.

I won’t lie. I’m an alien junkie. I’d love for them to find something that could suggest outside influence helping this South African tribe. A bit of a Battlestar Galactica (2) ending played out in South Africa. That, that right there would make my heart flutter just a bit.

But I’m a geek like that 😀