I tell ya man, I’ve been running late all day today and it sucks. Can’t get my shit straight today for nothing.

Yeah, yesterday was pretty busy for me. I had to babysit for two buyers, so I was kind of hopping. When I got home, I put away the hammock for the season and played with the boys before dinner. By the time we got the boys down, I was beat and called it a night early. It’s been a slow productive week this week, which has been nice. Im hoping Saturday we can finish up on the shutters and work on the tree in the back yard. Did the first phase on the weeds, and I have to go back and get them again. I haven’t had a chance to work in the basement yet, but I hope to put a dent in it this weekend.

So, I had my first test for my elimination of toys from my spending… I passed on several Multiple Men from Marvel Universe. It hurt to leave them there, but I was a good boy. The only money I spent was food for me and the car. Which is saying something. I put $10 in it on Saturday, and only put gas in it today. I’m impressed.

Tomorrow, we’re going back to Anderson Orchard for more apples and pumpkins. I’m hoping to grab more tomatoes, too. I hope we’re able to grab some more awesome pictures, too. Next to the honeymoon, my favorite pictures are at Anderson.