Man, it sucks, as I was ready to get some stuff done last night. Mo was going to take the kids to be watched while she did her yoga, I was going to have the house to myself to get some work done. But it was not meant to be. Mo stayed home, thus the boys stayed home, and the Mother-in-Law came bearing gifts of BW3. Needless to say, not a whole lot got done.

It’s not to say nothing got done, though. I covered the outside ac unit in prep for winter. I cleaned up a bit of the upstairs where I had some clothes and trinkets, and did …hmmm…something else. I know I did something else, but it’s escaping me at the moment. Mo’s got yoga tonight (her favorite class, so I know she won’t miss this one), so I’ll see if I can attack the weeds before she leaves, to at least knock one more thing off the list. I’d like to start attacking the basement tonight, too, assuming I can get the boys down at a decent time.

I went in the basement today to look for change on the dryer, and saw some of my toy collection. Man, it sucks. I know I want to quit, but at the same time, it would have been neat to continue. No, no, I’m not backsliding yet. Just a little sad that I have to grow up. It’s what I want, it’s just that it was a huge part of me for so long, it’s like a piece is missing.

Blah. Sounds melodramatic. Boo flippin’ hoo.

You know, I hate Tuesdays. Have for some time now. But today, today I feel energized. Don’t know why. It feels weird. Probably means I’m going to get hit with a truck or something. Just sayin’s all.