Hey all… It’s been a while, and I meant to post pictures of the boys in the Great Pumpkin Patch Adventure… I just forgot. Soooo…without further adieu, I present to you the pictures from our adventure a couple of weekends ago…

The grounds again were beautiful.  It was a hot, but gorgeous day out, so we were able to fully enjoy the experience.  Mo had a bum foot, so she wasn’t able to walk as much as last time, but she got around pretty well.



I was able to get a couple shots of Joanne and Mo this time, too.


Now the money shots…  I mean, really, that’s all your here to see anyways, right?  The boys?  :)  I was able to take quite a few good shots, but Phoenix was able to hold still in a few more than Griffen was.  Eh.  They’re little boys.  You can only ask for so much.


Once again, a great experience all around.  Those of you who are in the Indianapolis area, please go check out Anderson Orchard. It’s a nice place, and if you find a day with good weather, you will fully enjoy the time.