So, I was able to watch about five episodes of Exo Squad last night before I gave in to exhaustion. What a good show that was, man, seriously.

So, what’s happening today? Enjoying the first week of the new fiscal year by babysitting for another buyer. Basically it means that I have my work almost doubled. Eh. It’s for a week… It won’t be that bad. It bogs me down a bit, but it’s not a slaughterfest.

I had gotten some work done on the shutters this weekend. Almost done now. You know, it’s not been that bad, it’s just a matter of doing it. I hope to get another coat done an a couple of them, and then attack the weeds near the ac unit. I gotta cover that, too. Usually, I’m terribly forgetful in doing that. Not this year, though! It will get done! I also have to take the hammock down. Not sure how much I’ll get done, but tonight’s hopefully going to be pretty productive.

I picked up the pencil this weekend, too. Been a LONG time since I had drawn anything. I was doing a group shot for my Holdouts web comic I’m working on. Didn’t even get halfway done, but got some of it completely. I’m hoping to get a script and a week’s worth of art by Sunday, so we’ll see.

Also this weekend, we’re heading back to Anderson Orchard for a pumpin pickin’ good time. It should be fun. I’m really hoping that we can do some carving next week for Halloween, my favorite holiday :-)